Soundoff for Oct. 10, 2004


Libertarian gets votes

First, I will be voting for Mike Kien. Second, I don't know why we need an off-leash dog park when nobody keeps their dog on a leash anyways and nobody picks up their dogs' poop. I think it's ridiculous.

My tax bills are outrageous. I'll be voting for Mike Kien. He is the only candidate who is thinking in the right direction.

Control borders

In response to your Oct. 4 article by Autumn Phillips, "Getting ready for growth," the Steamboat Pilot and politicians at all levels should be asking the questions: How many of these immigrants are legal? And why is the government turning a blind eye to enforcing immigration laws that are already on the books by getting tough with employers? If homeland security is a real issue, then getting control of our borders is the answer.

Bear responsibility

In regard to bears getting in the trash, does Waste Management take any responsibility for bears getting into trash when Waste Management messes around with the usual pickup days because of holidays? I see a lot of trash out all day and all night when Waste Management decides there is a holiday and rearranges the schedules.

Great columnist

I am delighted to see that your paper is running Thomas Friedman's columns again, now that he is back from his book-writing hiatus. As usual, his commentary on foreign policy -- most recently on Iraq -- is balanced, substantive and insightful. Please keep his columns coming!

Senate choice

Sen. Jack Taylor always seems to be so accessible during campaign season. Where is he when we really need him? Usually in Denver. I don't know much about his opponent, Jay Fetcher, but I found out he puts his home phone number in his brochures. Now that sounds like my kind of senator.

Thank you, mayor

Thank you, Mayor Kathy "Cargo" Rodeman, for your honesty. It is a strong woman like you who will speak up and get us lazy heads off of our butts and vote. I would rather have a mayor who is not afraid to speak up than a lying, cheating swinger of a politician.

Keep courts in town

Every day when I walk or drive past the courthouse, I admire the beautiful building, take in a moment to honor my personal freedom, our heritage and the efforts that our ancestors put forth for justice and equality. Why do we want to move this from the community downtown? Yes, maybe we should relocate the few criminals that reside there, but it brings a sense of community in this small town.

Teacher contracts

Wait a minute. What I know the teachers want from the School Board is an easily accessible, easily understood document regarding the terms of their employment. In addition, teachers want an agreement that can't be changed at a board meeting without negotiating those changes.

Call it what you will, but is it really so unreasonable or even "disheartening" that the hardworking professionals and paraprofessionals responsible for educating the youths of our community should have this protection?

Road design bad

The redesign of Mount Werner Circle was a bad idea. The road worked fine with two lanes for more than 20 years. Now, there's a dangerous bottleneck at most times. Please give us back our two lanes.


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