Rosemary E. Rodriguez: Defending Jay Fetcher


I recently was made aware of charges that Jay Fetcher, candidate for state Senate, "sacrificed Grand County and Western Slope water" during his service on the Reapportionment Commission.

This misinformation is discourteous to all who served on the commission and, most important, the voters of Senate District 8.

As the chairperson of the 2001 Reapportionment Commission, I want to set the record straight regarding allegations that Fetcher voted to remove Grand County from a Western Slope senate district.

The original plan submitted in November 2001 had Grand County placed in Senate District 8. The Colorado Supreme Court sent the map back to the commission and lawfully required us to redraw the map based on constitutional requirements regarding population and keeping counties whole. The Supreme Court tied our hands -- Grand County had to be shifted into another district!

I can assure you that Jay Fetcher, a life-long rancher, would never vote to move the head waters out of the Western Slope. Jay is a man of strong character and integrity and will always work to protect the best interests of the Western Slope.

Thank you for the opportunity to correct the record.

Rosemary E. Rodriguez

Denver City Councilwoman and Chairperson, 2001 Reapportionment Commission


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