Gardner Flanigan: Kerry won debate


Our first presidential debate showed America that both candidates were well-prepared and clearly presented their different views on foreign policy.

President Bush was clear in telling us his plan for a safer world, but I was disappointed that he was not more truthful about Iraq. Specifically with regards to there being no correlation between Iraq and the terrorists responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

I was impressed with Sen. John Kerry. I felt that he did an outstanding job of laying out his plan to bring resolution to the Iraq conflict while refocusing our effort of a unilateral fight against global terrorism through improved relations with other world leaders which will spread the financial and military burden of the war on terrorism across more shoulders.

While this election probably will be determined by people's feelings about our course of action in Iraq and the war on terrorism, I find myself taking a more personal view.

I look at my 2-year-old son and can't help thinking of the burden that will be on his shoulders during his lifetime because of the current administration's fixation on Iraq. An out-of-control deficit, escalating war cost, and this administration turning back the clock on environmental protection will fall squarely on his generation.

Sen. Kerry proved to me last night that he has a plan for our nation's security that will not primarily come at the physical, economic or environmental expense of my son's generation. President Bush has had his chance to show me a plan that takes into account this next generation; I think he failed to deliver.

I will vote for Sen. Kerry for president for my son's future.


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