Authority to make database

Housing group looking for people interested in affordable living


The Yampa Valley Housing Authority is putting together a list of those interested in affordable housing in its many forms, from single-family homes to mobile-home communities where residents can own land.

Housing Authority Board President Kathi Meyer said the authority is compiling a database that will allow the authority to assess affordable housing needs in the community and what projects are most important.

"Every time the phone rings, someone is looking for housing. Everyone has different needs," Meyer said. "We have to begin creating a database that allows us to figure out what the most immediate needs are in the community."

Besides being an indicator of what people need, the database will allow the housing authority to notify interested residents about new housing projects and educational programs that are available.

The authority continues to work on a number of projects that its members hope will meet the needs of those in need of affordable or entry-level housing.

This fall, the authority is going through the city's planning process for Fox Creek Village, a 30-unit townhome project on Hilltop Parkway.

If approved by the council Dec. 7, the authority hopes to start building the 1,000-square-foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom units this spring. Once construction begins, Meyer expects the project to be finished within nine months.

The Fox Creek development would be the first Steamboat Springs project the housing authority will undertake and will follow the West End Village development, which was overseen by the authority's predecessor, the Regional Affordable Living Foundation.

"The location is very attractive to people that live and work here and want to stay in the community as opposed to commuting," Meyer said.

The single-family homes and duplexes in West End Village were more expensive than the condos proposed in Fox Creek Village would be, Meyer said.

Pending securing a contractor for the project, Meyer estimates the cost of the Fox Creek units should range from $150,000 to $175,000.

At least half the units will have deed restrictions, Meyer said, but the exact amount will not be determined until the housing authority lines up a contractor.

Meyer said deed restrictions could be tiered to account for varying income levels and resale prices, to ensure the units remain affordable. The grants the project receives also will determine the type and kind of deed restrictions.

If enough people are interested in Fox Creek, Meyer said the housing authority would do a lottery drawing to determine what residents would have a chance to purchase a home in Fox Creek. A lottery drawing was done for West End Village. Because of the difficulty in qualifying for loans, RALF went through the entire list of interested residents.

Housing authority officials hope the Fox Creek units, at a lower price, will be affordable for those who could not afford the single-family homes in West End Village.

Meyer said the housing authority would contact those who were interested in West End Village but did not purchase a home there.

"We will be contacting everyone on the original list to see if they are still in town and still interested," Meyer said.

The housing authority also has other projects in the works to meet other affordable housing needs. Two self-help housing projects are being planned to begin this spring in Hayden and Oak Creek.

Families are needed for the projects, which will allow homeowners to gain sweat equity by building their homes. The self-help housing program involves teaching homeowners how to build their homes under the watchful eye of a construction supervisor. Four single-family homes and a duplex are planned for Oak Creek and eight units are planned for Hayden.

The housing authority also formed a subcommittee to look at purchasing land for a mobile-home park.

The authority is looking for land to do projects in Steamboat, which is where most people have requested affordable housing.

An obstacle continues to be the price of land, especially in Steamboat.

where there is not a single family lot listed for less than $169,000.


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