Steamboat scholarships announced


Steamboat Springs High School's graduating seniors earned 134 scholarships totaling almost $103,000 to continue their educations. Scholarships, dollar amounts and recipients follow.

Angela Dawn Haight Memorial Scholarship, $500, Richard Sauer.

Kitchen Perfection Scholarship in memory of Angela Dawn Height, $500, Kristina Chotvacs.

Carl Ramunno Memorial Scholarship, $1,000, David May.

The Steamboat Springs Arts Council Carol Finoff Visual Arts Scholarship, $1,000, Rory Clow.

Charles S. Johnson Scholarship, Johnson Excavating, $1,000, Bailey Draper.

Civil Design Consultants, Inc. Scholarships, $1,000 each, Bailey Draper, Shea Hurley and Bjorn Utu.

County Sheriffs of Colorado Honorary Membership Program, $500, Claire Schmacher.

Craig Trap Club Scholarship, $1,000, Hannah Gary.

Daniel O'Connell Memorial Scholarships, $250 each, Sarah Pallotti and Stephanie Sanders.

Doak Walker Scholarship, $1,000 each, David May and Melissa White.

The Steamboat Springs Arts Council Scholarships, $500 each, Katherine Haberlan and Tyler Johnson.

Eric Small Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 each, Brittany Innes and Nick Monterotti.

Frank Leonard Community Service Scholarships, $500 each, Hannah Gary, Kaitlin Gallagher, Austin Ross, Lindsay Stanford and Bjorn Utu.

Grease Monkey and Big O Tires of Steamboat Scholarships, $500 each, Rory Clow and Danny Holloway.

Hayden Station Employees in cooperation with The Public Service Company vocational education scholarship, $500, Danny Holloway.

Steamboat Springs Youth Hockey Association Scholarships, $500 each, Casey Earp, Kris Gayer, Tucker Greene and Matt Legrice.

Yampa Valley Community Foundation Jack and Jo Morrison Scholarship, $1,500, Travis Hodo.

Jack Black Memorial Scholarship, $500, Danny Holloway; $1,000, Greg Packer.

Steamboat Springs Kiwanis Club J. Scott Welles Scholarship, $1,000, Erin Christensen.

The Landmark Consultants Excellence in Engineering Scholarship, $1,000, Bailey Draper.

MWH Scholarship, $750, Luke Belz.

Neville Family Scholarships for Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, $750 each, Luke Belz, Marsh Gooding, Patty Hanley, David Manthei, Alex Miller, Davis Miller and Maryann Skraba.

Ron Schnackenberg Scholarship, $250, Bailey Draper.

The Steamboat Springs Rotary Club Scholarships, $1,500 each, Rory Clow and Brittany Innes.

Rotary Club Judge John Wilkinson Award, $250, Rebecca Herman.

Ski Town Lions Club Scholarships, $500 each, Luke Belz, Bailey Draper, Hannah Gary, Rebecca Herman, Kaitlin Gallagher, Lauren Lightfoot, Lindsey Rose, Laura McKelvie, Lindsey Stanford and Bjorn Utu.

Steamboat Lions Club Scholarships, $500 each, Erin Christensen and Thomas Matteo; $1,000 each, Cassandra Hewlings and Chris Lodge.

Steamboat Springs Volunteer Fire Department Scholarships in memory of Rusty Chandler, $500 each, Thomas Matteo and Nick Monterotti; $750 each, Brittany Innes and Kaitlin Gallagher; $1,000 each, Erin Christensen and Cassandra Hewlings; $1,500, Laura Philip.

Steamboat Springs Education Association Scholarships, $750 each, Daniel Barney and Austin Ross; $1,000 each, Bailey Draper and Rebecca Herman.

Reviewing the applications for the Steamboat Real Estate, Inc. Scholarship, $500, Daniel Burke.

The Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. Scholarships through the Yampa Valley Community Foundation, $1,000 each, Luke Belz, Bailey Draper, Kris Gayer, Rebecca Herman, Bjorn Utu and Melissa White.

Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. Scholarship, $4,000, Katherine Hansen.

Steamboat Springs Board of Realtors Scholarships, $750, Martha Bender, Rachael Lehmann, Devin Borvansky, Lauren Lightfoot, Daniel Burke, David May, Erin Christensen, Thomas Matteo, Rory Clow, Laura McKelvie, Cristina Crotz, Lindsey Rose, Bailey Draper, Austin Ross, Shelley Dunlop, Richard Sauer, Hannah Gary, Lindsay Stanford, Marsh Gooding, Bjorn Utu, Patricia Hanley, Lauren Walsh and Cassandra Hewlings.

The Steamboat Springs Chamber Resort Association Youth Education Scholarships, $2,000 each, Luke Belz, Erin Christensen and Tyler Johnson.

Steamboat True Value Scholar-ship, $1,500, Christa Clapper.

Steve and Denise Peterson Scholarship, $1,000, Danny Holloway.

Terry Sports Silver Scholar-ships, $500 each, Daniel Barney, Kristina Chotvacs, Bailey Draper, Brittany Innes, Greg Packer and Melissa White.

Terry Sports Gold Scholarships, $1,000 each, Erin Christensen, Rory Clow, Kaitlin Gallagher, Austin Ross and Bjorn Utu.

The Industrial Corporation Scholarships, $1,000 each, Daniel Barney and Bjorn Utu.

Triple Crown Sports Scholarships, $500 each, Patty Hanley and Hannah Gary.

Twin Enviro Services and ACZ Laboratories Scholarships, $500 each, Joseph Andrew and Ilya Grigoriev; $250 each, Andy Comeau and Melissa Rogers.

The Business and Professional Women of Yampa Valley scholarships, $500 each, Bailey Draper and Laura Philip; $1,000, Lindsay Stanford.

Yampa Valley Construction Trades Association Scholarship, $1,000, Bjorn Utu.

Yampa Valley Vocational Trade Scholarship, $750, Danny Holloway.

President's Student Service Challenge Scholarships, $500 each, Joseph Andrew and Rebecca Herman.


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