Sound off for May 30


Dying trees

Why doesn't someone do something about the trees along Mount Werner Circle? The trees all look like they are dead or dying.

Don't reconsider

No the county should not reconsider the location of the justice center. The justice center only makes sense west of downtown next to the jail. It does not make sense downtown. We don't need a big box in the center of Lincoln Avenue.

Stay the course

I believe the county should continue on its present course to build the justice center west of downtown. The county has gone through a long and careful process open to public comment and there's no new information to change anything. The west of Steamboat site has as much right as downtown to be a vital thriving area. I think the county has every right to continue its present course.

Build it west

The county should not reconsider its plans to build the justice center, even though the appeals court did not uphold the judge's order. There is a definite need for new court facilities, and the site the county has chosen is the most logical site.

City's reasoning unclear

I'm not sure whom the City Council is listening to, but no one I talk to wants the justice center downtown. They want it by the jail. It just seems like common sense to have the courts by the jail. It's hard enough to get a parking space downtown.

Quit stealing paper

To the person who takes my Sunday Pilot & Today from the bottom of Glacier Ridge -- don't.

Letter writer wrong

I read with interest the letter in Sunday's Pilot & Today regarding the "courthouse debacle." I take with a grain of salt his comments and respond to some of them: First, the courthouse only has a basement, first and second floor and if the third floor is empty, it's because there isn't one. The whole argument he put forth was about the courthouse -- which will remain where it is -- not the judicial facility. Three, the so-called wetlands are man-made and a habitat for mosquitoes. Finally, given today's security frame of mind, the crowding and lack of privacy are not conditions that I would like to work in or the atmosphere for our courts.

Use common sense

To the guy suing B&K for noise. Did you try circulating a petition to take to the city or is a lawsuit your first option? After you stop B&K's trucks, are you going to go after Union Pacific? I'd be with you on that one. Class-action time. Darn, those trains are loud. I had no idea when I moved a block from the tracks that it would be noisy. If you can't deal, move to Elk River Estates.


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