Boys to train with police


Mark Dunn and John Yager want interesting, adrenaline-pumping jobs.

One option is to work in law enforcement. They are getting a head start on after being chosen out of hundreds of applicants to join the Colorado State Patrol Youth Academy, to be held June 13 to 19 in Golden.

"I've known people in this field and seen their lifestyle," Dunn said. "You do run a risk of being injured, but that doesn't bother me. I'm looking for an adrenaline-type job."

Yager decided he wanted to see what he was made of at the academy, as he is following in the footsteps of his father, who is an emergency medical technician.

"My dad rides to help people in these accidents," Yager said. "I thought I might be able to prevent those accidents so there's not so much anarchy on the highway."

To be chosen as two of the 40 students accepted into the academy, Yager and Dunn had to write essays and have do interviews with local and state officials.

At the Colorado State Patrol Youth Academy, Dunn and Yager will learn arrest tactics, such as handcuffing procedures and self-defense, driving skills and weapons training with handguns and shotguns.

Both say if they entered a law enforcement career, they would want to work in a place with a population between that of Hayden and that of a large city.

"Around here there's lots of crime, but in Denver, you have to watch your back every second," Dunn said. "I've seen what police do, and it would feel good to me to help people do the right thing."


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