News for Sunday, May 16, 2004



Choir members to roadtrip

'We actually get to go somewhere and sing,' Dye says

Choir is a family affair in the Steamboat Springs School District. That's one reason why some of the district's middle school students have spent time and energy raising money for a trip they won't go on -- at least not this year.

Briefs for May 17

The National Weather Service is looking for a volunteer weather observer to take and record daily weather readings in Steamboat Springs; specifically, in the area to the northeast of U.S. Highway 40 at an elevation about 6,770 feet.

Historic preservationists recognized

The trains stopped coming to the Steamboat Springs Depot in 1969, and it didn't take long for the old building to fall into disrepair and eventually be condemned.

The Record for May 17

12:39 a.m. A fire alarm sounded in the 3,000 block of Village Drive. Police responded to the scene and determined it to be a false alarm.

Tom Ross: Fox redefines musical realities with 'Idol'

Fallen 'American Idol's dominate television for three consecutive weeknights

Help me comprehend all of this reality TV ruckus. Do I understand correctly that Boston Rob is the sole "Survivor" and now he's going to marry Paula Abdul on a desert island, and they hope to make beautiful music together. What's that? You say I'm confusing two distinctly different TV shows? Good heavens!