Judy Duncan: Enforcement overkill


On my daily drive to work at 25 mph through the Sanctuary on Steamboat Boulevard, I ran the stop sign and was pulled over by two police officers.

This was at 8:20 a.m. on opening day of the Sheraton Golf Course, which doesn't open until 9 a.m., and the back nine was not yet open. The officers explained the Sheraton had requested their presence to prevent accidents.

So I got caught and justly so -- I ran the stop sign. Anyone who travels that route must know that besides that stop sign, there are other warning signs in iridescent yellow, "State Law, Yield To Pedestrians In Crosswalk" and flashing lights at other crossings. Do we need all those warnings, police presence etc. on a road less traveled?

Let's take a look at Mount Werner Circle at the Steamboat Grand. There are the same iridescent signs and one picture sign of a pedestrian crossing in an area with much heavier pedestrian, auto, truck, bus and resort vehicle traffic and no stop sign or police presence. I have seen many near misses and accidents at this busy place.

The golf course/ski crossing is overkill.

Judy Duncan

Steamboat Springs


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