Bill Whittemore: New OT rules wrong


I want to let you know what President George W. Bush did to all American workers during the evening of Monday, April 19.

He and his administration finalized regulations to take overtime pay away from millions of America's workers by redefining who is eligible for such pay. White House officials are working hard to make this paycheck attack sound like a good thing for workers. Don't be fooled.

It is so hard to understand why President Bush ignored letters from millions of Americans, including me, that he has received during the past year. Since the time when he first decided to steal overtime pay from American workers, he has challenged Congress' desire to leave overtime pay alone. George W. Bush rewrote the overtime rules in order to take away overtime pay.

I feel that President Bush wants to help the leaders of large companies. Bush and the leaders of those businesses do not care about middle-class employees and their overtime pay and benefits.

Workers should write and/or e-mail President Bush, the Department of Labor and congressmen so that we can get our government to bring this back to where it should have stayed.

Here are their addresses:

President George W. Bush; The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.; Washington, D.C., 20500. E-mail

U.S. Department of labor, Frances Perkins Building; 200 Constitution Ave. NW; Washington, D.C., 20210.

Sen. Wayne Allard; Senate Office Building; 521 Dirksen; Washington, D.C.; 20510.

Bill Whittemore

Steamboat Springs


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