News for Sunday, March 7, 2004



Resource guide ready for teens

"Who do I talk to about the drugs I found in my teenagers backpack?" "I think my child is becoming sexually active, who do I call?"

Briefs for March 8

A 22-year-old Hayden man was arrested last week after he allegedly stole a man's vehicle and drove it off the road.

Museum aims to update

With recent funding, Tread of Pioneers to work on inventory

Until this year, the Tread of Pioneers Museum has struggled financially to keep its doors open. Taking on large-scale projects such as cataloging the entire collection never crossed the historians' minds.

The Record for March 8

7:31 a.m. Police were requested for a civil standby in the 2400 block of Downhill Drive.

Tom Ross: Martha Stewart scandal inspires entrepreneurs

There are three types of people in the world; how do you feel about the convicted homemaker?

There are two kinds of people in the world this morning. First, there are those who think Martha Stewart got what was coming to her and relished seeing her knocked off her high horse.