Guidelines set for growth group


The City Council and Routt County commissioners agreed to jointly appoint members to the Growth Management Advisory Group and to solicit members if the list of 15 applicants does not represent a wide enough spectrum of the community.

In the joint meeting Wednesday, the two boards agreed the group should follow the structure and selection process of the city's Tax Policy Advisory Board, which has seven members and two alternates.

Council members and commissioners said the members would be appointed through an interview process but did not establish a list of areas in the community that should be represented on the board. The mix of board members will be determined by the interview committee, which will have two representatives from council and two representatives from the board of commissioners.

The boards agreed the growth management advisory group, which is an offshoot of the Steamboat Springs Community Area Plan and born out of the controversy the issue stirred during the plan's adoption, had to be diverse.

"I think some groups need to be at the table to make it more inclusive and broad," Councilwoman Kathy Connell said.

Councilman Ken Brenner suggested that if a certain group is not being represented on the board, the city and commission should go to that group and ask that the group pick a representative for the board.

City Planning Commission Chairwoman Kathi Meyer said it would be valuable to have a city Planning Commission member on the board, and the two groups agreed.

Last fall, city and county officials were afraid settling on a solution for managing the rate of growth could be so arduous it would substantially delay adopting the area plan update. When the plan was approved May 3, growth control was taken out, but with the caveat that a diverse citizens group would look at ways to manage the rate of growth and then pass a recommendation on to elected officials six months after the plan was approved.

The city has received 15 applications for the board. They are for Lynn Abbott, Jodee Anderson, Will Bashan, Diane Bower, John Fielding, Greg Forney, Wayne Kakela, Kryill Kretzschmar, Steve Lewis, James Moylan, Stuart Orzach, Sandra Sherrod Pflieger, Christi Ruppe, John Spezia and Robert Wilmoth.

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