Man gets probation for break-ins


— A man who confessed to being involved in recent car break-ins was sentenced to two years of supervised probation and nine days in jail, with credit for the time he has already served.

Daniel Esteban Duarte, 18, of Craig, was sentenced in district court on Monday. District Judge Michael O'Hara also ruled that Duarte should pay almost $3,000 in restitution to cover damages related to the car break-ins.

Warrants have been issued for two other suspects in the crimes: David Valenzuela, 19, and Alejandro Nunez Villalobos, 23, both of Craig.

Duarte has spent 67 days in jail since he was arrested on April 28 after confessing to his involvement in the crimes at Fish Creek Falls Condominiums, Eaglepointe Townhomes and Whistler Townhomes. Because those days were credited to the nine days he was sentenced to serve, Duarte was released from the Routt County Jail Monday afternoon.

Duarte originally was charged with 12 counts of trespassing and theft. He pleaded guilty on June 11 to one count of first-degree criminal trespassing of a motor vehicle, a class five felony, and one count of theft of a car radio worth less than $100, a class three misdemeanor.

The other charges were dismissed.

Public Defender Gail Morrison, who was representing Duarte, requested that the cost of care while Duarte was in the jail be waived.

O'Hara said that according to Duarte's financial statement, Duarte believed he had a job waiting for him that pays $1,400 a month, which exceeds his expenses.

The $5 daily cost for care Duarte would be charged was "very minimal" considering that it costs the county $42.50 daily to serve one inmate, O'Hara said, so the cost of care was not waived.


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