Motet brings funk to Steamboat


The members of The Motet bring their eco-tour and entertainment to Steamboat Springs this week.

The funky Boulder-based band is hitting the road this summer in a new BioDiesel bus. While The Motet tours the West playing its eclectic mix of Brazilian, Cuban and West African funk/soul/jazz, its bus is running on clean-burning, renewable fuel made from vegetable oils.

What: The Motet Where: Sabre's Comedy Den, 703 Lincoln Ave. When: 10 p.m. Thursday Call: 875-1166.

"This was a way for us to make a step toward changing this ecologically and politically unsound system," drummer David Watts said. "You don't necessarily have to be part of that system, part of that grid."

Watts said the band bought their diesel shuttle bus last year so they would have the option to use BioDiesel because a diesel engine will readily accept either fuel. Band members figured they should set an example if they are going to be in the public eye, Watts said. The Motet will be spreading the word about BioDiesel on tour.

The Motet will fill up their tank with BioDiesel before they leave Boulder -- a tank takes them about 350 miles. They will carry 40 gallons of BioDiesel on board with them so they can refuel with a 50-50 mix of regular diesel and BioDiesel as they travel West through places such as Steamboat, where the biodegradable, engine-emission-reducing fuel isn't available.

By the time the band hits the West Coast, they won't have any problems filling up with BioDiesel, Watts said.

The Motet's summer tour coincides with the release of a new album, "Music for Life." The band stops at Sabre's Comedy Den on Thursday night, where they will be playing their latest tunes and encouraging voter registration.

The Motet band members are focusing on their latest incarnation of techno house music: "Afro-tech." It makes a nice combination with the West African rhythms and evolves into different genres of music, Watts said.

The six-member band is dedicated to "focusing on improvisational exploration." The Motet includes Watts on the drum kit; Scott Messersmith on percussion; Greg Raymond on organ, piano and Fender Rhodes; Garret Sayers on bass; Mark Donovan on guitar; and special guest Dominic Lalli on saxophone.


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