Moffat Avenue making the grade


Now that Sierra View's developers have had a week to make adjustments, they expect the Oak Creek Town Board's last-minute changes for the planned subdivision's Moffat Avenue entrance to "work out fine," developer Dave Tweedy said.

Discrepancies over the steep Moffat Avenue access to the Sierra View subdivision generated significant debate throughout the planning process.

Having worked with the town to maintain an existing grid pattern within the Sierra View subdivision, the developers went to last week's approval hearing before the Oak Creek Town Board with a plan for a 14.5 percent grade for Moffat Avenue. But after considerable debate, town officials and the developers agreed such a steep access road needed safety improvements.

Sierra View developer Tim Geiger compromised with the Town Board and offered to reduce the grade to a maximum of 13 percent or less.

Now that the engineer's redesign is nearing completion, it looks as though Moffat Avenue's grade will "probably be a little bit better than 13 percent, considering the conservative nature of the engineers," Tweedy said Thursday.

Tweedy also noted the decision to vacate a short section of Moffat Avenue through the subdivision would make people drive slower because they will have to make a turn rather than having that extra block to gain speed. That block originally had been added to maintain the grid pattern, but its presence made it impossible to engineer the Moffat Avenue hill any less steep than a 14.5 percent grade.

"It basically amounts to about four feet of extra excavation at the top and nothing at the bottom of the hill," Tweedy said. "This is really a lot more what it looked like a year ago, more than what it's looked like over the past few months."

Sierra View's redesign will add one or two lots to the subdivision, which will help cover the costs of extra grading, Tweedy said.

The Oak Creek Town Board approved Sierra View's conceptual plan, annexation agreement, final plans and an agreement with Yampa Valley Electric Association last week, moving the subdivision one step closer to breaking ground in Oak Creek.

All board approvals are pending final amendments and legal review by town attorney Bob Weiss. A final vote on the annexation ordinance that officially would incorporate Sierra View into the town of Oak Creek was tabled until the next regularly scheduled Town Board meeting Thursday, when legal review is expected to be complete.

Tweedy said that the Sierra View project is out for bid, and he hopes to start in the next month or so.

Tweedy said they already have received a lot of positive responses and inquiries into the Sierra View lots since advertisements for lot reservations started last week.

"I think people will get a lot more excited about it once dirt starts moving around out there," Tweedy said.

He added that he expects to do a few spec houses in the subdivision to get things rolling, which he likely will be listing with Oak Creek real estate agents. Oak Creek Realtors also are getting a larger percentage of the commission split on lot sales, Tweedy said.

The Sierra View subdivision, which is being developed by Geiger and Tweedy of Sierra View Development Group on a meadow overlooking downtown Oak Creek, includes about 50 lots with 46 single-family homes, two duplexes, one four-plex and two eight-plexes. At build out, Sierra View is expected to add about 175 people to the 850-person town of Oak Creek.

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