Justice facility


Justice facility

In regard to a new justice center and the location of this facility, I will gladly donate to Routt County, free of any charge, the land deemed necessary to construct such a facility, parking included. This land is located just South of Yampa (also part of Routt County according to the Routt County Planning Commission).

Let's review this asinine scenario and weigh the pros and cons. Our present county commissioners, in their fit of gleeful exuberance, went on a spending frenzy -- $2.2 million on a downtown site with your money. The taxpayers voted "no." A judge then decided (I'm sure with a little pressure) we needed a new Routt County court facility. Our commissioners continued in their ecstatic course and spent another $1.8 million west of town, which also is your money.

The appeals court then decided that the judge did not know what he was talking about. Our present commissioners, then in total bewilderment, asked the taxpayers, "Where were you when we were struggling in this burdensome, overwhelming decision?" I think a far better question is, "Where were they?"

I feel they have totally exposed themselves. Maybe my donation will help them cover a little. If not, house cleanings are not all bad. Look over Jeff Fry and some of the new candidates. They all talk of fiscal responsibility far more intelligently than the present group of opportunists.

With the economic viability study going on in South Routt County, think of the economic stimulus this could provide, not only for South Routt County, but for all of Routt County.

There seems to be some concern as to prisoners escaping en route from the jail to the court facility. Well, if they escape down here, I seriously doubt whether they would ever be noticed.

This is a valid offer.

Jerry Schalnus



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