Rob Bannister: A misleading analogy


It seems to me that Mr. Tom Ross has tried to create parallels that do not exist between World War II and the war in Iraq.

Making sacrifices for President Bush's war in Iraq is in no way like making sacrifices in WWII. Let's not forget that WWII was a just war, against a clear threat to world stability, against a clear enemy that attacked us: the Axis powers.

Bush's war in Iraq, by contrast, is being waged by an enemy who has not attacked us, nor occupied most of Europe and much of Asia. Iraq and al-Qaida are not synonomous. Saddam was merely a weak dictator who, despite his dislike for America, was not a clear threat to the free world, as we are now finding out.

Where is the evidence of chemical, biological, or nuclear programs that Bush so smugly promised? The other reason for war, the link between Iraq and al-Qaida is a half-baked conspiracy theory by half-baked paranoid individuals in this administration.

This makes Mr. Bush's war a pre-emptive one, which is a disastrous and poisonous foreign policy that only sews the seeds of war. Would not North Korea and Iran be justified in attacking us, because Bush put them on his hit list in his "axis of evil" speech?

Our troops are doing a commendable job (with the exception of certain torture methods authorized from the top), but are being gravely misled. Perhaps our graduates would be of better service to our country picking up the phone and calling our congressmen in protest of this sham of a war, rather than "to pick up a rifle ... in the suburbs of Baghdad."


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