Soundoff for July 4


Dog poop everywhere

While hiking at Mad Creek Trail this week with my two young daughters, I came across a very large group of residents, about 20 people and eight dogs, only one of which was on a leash. When we passed them and we got to the bottom of Mad Creek, there was dog feces all over the place that hadn't been there when we went up. I was disappointed to see this group of middle-age people who seemed very proud to call themselves locals with dogs running loose all over the trail and going to the bathroom and then not picking up. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Oak Creek generator

About the truck that darkened Oak Creek. I lived in Oak Creek, and I don't understand why the generator was unusable in this situation. What situation is it usable in? It was very costly, and I find it ineffective that it's only used various times or not at all.

Keep the airport

The residents of Steamboat Springs need to realize that the only reason a select few want to close the local airport is for development. It's unfortunate that a few people in power have the ability to remove a highly beneficial aspect of our community. The airport is self-efficient, and there are no safety issues.

Yes to renewal plan

I would support the urban renewal plan or Base Area Renewal coalition.

Renewal is vital

It is vital to our community to assist in renewal of the mountain base. I totally support the Urban Renewal Authority fund improvements to make this happen. Steamboat will miss years of financial growth if we refuse to help in this project.

Airport too expensive

It would be cheaper for the city of Steamboat Springs to provide limousine service to Yampa Valley Regional Airport for the Steamboat pilots than to keep Bob Adams Field open.

All about safety

On Wednesday I was amazed when the Routt County commissioners appeared to reverse more than 20 years of county policy that has encouraged consolidation of airport service at Yampa Valley Regional Airport. It seems curious they would do this with no greater community input than their Airport Commission, which is dominated by Steamboat pilots. Apparently the Airport Commission has convinced the board that it's safer to have two airports, one for about 70 Steamboat pilots and one for the rest of us. Never mind the cost of millions of dollars to support this concept. I applaud the commissioners' complete dedication to safety. In the spirit of safety at any cost, I have a suggestion: As everyone knows, motorcycles and automobiles don't mix well. Most motorcycle fatalities are caused by cars and trucks. I propose, based on the commissioners newly found passion for safety, that all roads in Routt County be duplicated so that the 100 or so motorcyclists may have their own roads and enjoy a much safer experience.

Leave airport alone

I don't own an airplane nor do I ever plan on owning an airplane but I am grateful for the local airport because I have a livable wage nonski-related job because of it. Merging the two airports is not as easy as it looks and is not the answer. Leave the airport alone, it's been here longer than most of you have and serves our community well.

Third and Lincoln

On Wednesday afternoon, I sat through three light changes to turn left off of Lincoln Avenue onto Third Street. When I did, a truck traveling east, faster than the speed limit, ran the light as it turned red.

Traffic traveling west had come to a stop and the truck had very little space to come to a stop. This intersection is a driving disaster area. When will the city and the state decide that it would be in everyone's best interests to install a left-hand turn signal at Third Street and Lincoln Avenue?


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