Man shot dogs that were attacking horse


Christine Metz



A man shot and killed two dogs Thursday afternoon because the animals were attacking a Shetland pony.

Trevor Guire saw the dogs when he went to his mother's home near the bottom of the Dakota Ridge subdivision off Routt County Road 14 to care for her pony, said Routt County Sheriff's Lt. Richard Wood.

Guire found two dogs, thought to be huskies, cornering the pony in a pasture and trying to bite it, Wood said. The pony was defending itself by trying to kick the dogs.

Guire tried to call the dogs away from the pony, Wood said, but when they would not leave the pony alone, he shot them with a 25-20 Winchester rifle. Both dogs died.

Wood said he was unsure if the pony suffered any injuries.

Guire called the Routt County Sheriff's Office to inform them of the situation. The case is under investigation, and the owners of the dogs have not been identified.

Wood said it is legal to kill animals that are harassing wildlife or domestic animals and that Guire will not be charged. The owners of the dogs could be fined for harboring vicious animals.

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