Ken Wilson: Restoring faith


I'm not the kind of person who has lot of faith in politicians. However, I'd like to share a recent experience that is changing my attitude.

I recently had a personal problem that involved dealing with a state agency and was having some trouble getting the issue resolved. As a last resort, I contacted State Sen. Jack Taylor, explained the issue at hand and asked if he could help me.

Imagine my surprise when Sen. Taylor not only promptly returned my call but also drove to my house and sat down at the kitchen table to discuss the issue. He listened carefully, then he went to work.

The problem is now taken care of. I'd like to thank not only Sen. Taylor, but also Colorado Department of Transportation Commissioner Bill Haight and CDOT Head Engineer Ed Fink from the Grand Junction office. These government people took the time to look at the issue and resolve it.

Sen. Taylor told me that this is the kind of stuff that makes his job worthwhile.

Even if the issue hadn't been resolved to my satisfaction, I would have been pleased to get the response that I did. This incident has restored my faith in government.

Ken Wilson



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