Jordan Gray: Don't judge one apple


On behalf of the student body and staff at the Lowell Whiteman School, I would like to send my deepest apologies to City Market, Market on the Mountain and Curve Market and Deli for the behavior of five of my peers.

What happened over the weekend was unacceptable and does not reflect on the rest of the student body. I am in my third year here at Lowell Whiteman and would like to convey my ideas of what this school is all about. I have heard many times during my stay at LWS, from people in town about how this school is a "druggie" or "hippie" school. I would like to say that my experience has not been like that at all.

Our school has a very strict discipline system, which makes this a safe environment for everyone here.

During my three years here, I have gone on camp trips, played soccer for the public high school and have been a part of the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club. This year, I will go to Mongolia as a part of the Foreign Travel program. These are great experiences that will stay with me for life.

One thing that LWS does not get as much credit for is the community service that the students and staff participate in. I have personally volunteered at LIFT-UP and Strawberry Park Elementary. I also have volunteered at SSWSC and Discovery Learning Center to help configure the computers. LWS also has a commitment to the environment; we have weekly recycling groups, and, many times a year, students walk along Routt County Road 36 and clean up trash. I also would like to point out that we hosted the 9News Teen Health Fair, which many public high school students attended.

So before any of your readers label our school by the bad, learn about the great things that happen here first.

Jordan Gray

Student Body president,

Lowell Whiteman School


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