Cindy Maddox: Experienced pilots


In your recent articles on the Steamboat Springs Airport, you reference a complaint by a "commercial pilot." Mountain Flight Service would like to clarify that all our pilots are commercial pilots, and four of five have Airline Transport Pilot ratings, the highest skill-level designation given by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Simply because an individual flies for an airline does not mean he or she holds a higher level of skill certification or licensure. One of our pilots was, in fact, chief pilot for a regional airline.

There are more than 150 licensed pilots in the Steamboat Springs area and more than one-third of those are ATP rated. We are extremely proud of our very experienced and competent piloting staff and consider them to be the ultimate experts at operations from the Steamboat Springs Airport. Their credentials are based on hours of experience, and they are the individuals who respond at all hours of the day and night and in all kinds of adverse conditions to meet the emergency needs of this community.

Cindy Maddox

Mountain Flight Service

Steamboat Springs


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