Sound Off for Feb. 8


Oak Creek's issue

If the board and the residents of Oak Creek wish to pay for the mayor's position, it's as easy as handing out a list of the duties and responsibilities expected to those who come in for the petition to run for the position. Could next week's Sound Off question ask the residents of Oak Creek to decide a Steamboat issue?

Cargo priceless

No, Oak Creek's mayor should not be paid as a full-time employee. As a friend and former employer of the current mayor, I think Cargo should come back and work for me or anyone else where she could get paid what she is worth. When Cargo takes on a job, she puts her heart and soul into it. There is not enough money the town could pay her for what she does for them. Cargo did not become mayor for the money, obviously, because when she worked for me, she made five times as much as she is now, maybe more.

Not Phippsburg's matter

I'm confused as to the question about the Oak Creek mayor getting a paycheck. Why would you interview a resident of Phippsburg and put their name in the paper?

Local issue, not state

I would not support the state Board of Education's power to create charter schools. They should not impose their rules on local school districts.

Power, responsibility

I would like to vote no, I do not support a bill giving the state Board of Education the power to create charter schools. If they want the power to create them, they also should be fiscally responsible for them.

Charter funding

If the state is going to mandate a charter school, it needs to back it up with complete funding. If the majority of voters do not support a charter school, how can the State Board overrule that decision? Steamboat has excellent schools and a variety of choices. The Montessori school is a good choice for a private school.

Affordable housing?

I find it hard to believe that Steamboat is working toward establishing affordable housing when everything I read in the paper implies proposed projects being shut down by the Planning Commission. First the West of Steamboat Area Plan and now the self-help housing project. Am I to believe that if I make less than six figures a year, I'm not welcome in this town? Because that's the message I'm getting.

Rename bridge

Now is a perfect time to take the opportunity to change the name of our Soul Center of the Universe Bridge. Given the recent events, we should turn the negativity, and the publicity therewith, into a positive. My suggestion would be to have a community contest that raises funds for Advocates or some other battery and abuse organization, preferably one here, for renaming the bridge and turning the negative aspect of our bridge into a positive for our community.

Primitive country

One has to smile at the space and time given to the Janet Jackson story in the press, newspapers, TV channels and so forth. More than 6 billion human beings inhabit the Earth. We are all similar, built the same way. Nothing is more natural, more beautiful than a human body. Yet, "civilization" has taught us to be ashamed of it, to hide it. We have become so primitive that the sight of a few square inches of flesh makes some of us jump in horror. In Europe, naked bodies and bare breasts are shown on television, in movies, in the printed press on a regular basis, all the time, everywhere. Every third commercial on European TV channels shows more flesh than Janet Jackson will ever display on television. And yet these same European nations, while being more open and permissive, have fewer teenage pregnancies, fewer sex crimes and fewer sex-related problems. It is indeed an interesting world.


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