Henri E. Stetter: War was a crime


The story of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction is turning into a dime novel of farce, manipulation, hubris and hypocrisy.

As vile as Saddam's regime was, resorting to illegal and fabricated means to decide on matters of war and peace undermines global security and the ethics of its chief policeman: the USA.

Most of the world's opposition to the war was not based on anti-Americanism or any fellow feelings for Saddam, but on the integrity of the international order within which nations coexist.

We are now led to believe that invading Iraq was an honest mistake ... using the words "mislead" "overestimation" and "intelligence failure."

The truth of the story is that this war was a crime, against the Iraqis and against Americans and the perpetrators should be punished. How many more, additional hundreds of American lives need to be lost on this cause?

Nonpartisan investigations seeking the reasons for the intelligence community's "inaccurate information" are a charade.

Are we to believe that everyone in the U.S. government was so naive or stupid that they could all be so easily misled while all those cries for reason and caution were being raised around the world?

Henri E. Stetter

Steamboat Springs


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