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The Donnas

Spend the Night

On Monday night, I found myself trying to talk four teenage girls into forming a band. I assigned them instruments they'd never played -- guitar, bass, drums. You can sing. What? You can't sing? We'll teach you to scream into the mic and that will pass.

As we talked about the new teen, all-girl band, my view of them started to shift. They seemed tougher. Cooler. More confident. There's just something about girls with guitars. And that's why it's hard not to like The Donnas.

The Donnas is the latest, greatest all-girl band to inspire another generation of girls to rock out. They play a brand of rock that makes Britney Spears look like a sell-out suck up. From the stage, they objectify men.

Call it slut rock. Or just buy it.

The Donnas' "Spent the Night" is in stock at All That Jazz for $13.98.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs

Fever to Tell

I want to be Karen O. But I can't. It's not every woman who can wear a silver leotard on stage, rock out and pull it off. And she'll tell you so. Few album reviews (including this one) can be written without mentioning Karen O's style. No doubt she'll be following in Gwen Stefani's shoes with a fashion line when she stops making albums. That should help the pathetic little girls who are always trying, but failing, to copy her.

I'm a late bloomer and didn't discover the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs until last year. They're danceable enough to make the covers of mainstream music magazines but still have enough edge to be accepted by, you know, people with taste.

"Fever to Tell" is the first full-length album by the group, recorded before it signed with Interscope Records. It is in stock at All That Jazz for $10.98.


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