Sound Off for Dec. 5


Where's the bridge?

I find it interesting and disturbing that you would use almost a quarter of a page to describe some old bridge in Vail but not a single word about the new bridge between the post office and the Health and Recreation Center, which is a great addition to the community.

No to bubble

I think the city should not fund the tennis bubble because a minority of people use it. The city should sell it and let the free enterprise system take it over, like the bowling alley or the ski touring center. It would relieve the city of a burden of responsibility, and then it could keep up on the stuff that would be more reasonable to the younger crowd, such as the ice skating rink, the skateboard park, Howelsen Hill and its other endeavors.

Town dysfunctional

I live in one of the most dysfunctional towns in the United States, Oak Creek. We have two police cars buried under snow. No one knows where the treasurer is and where our taxpaying dollars are being spent in this town.

P'burg is a town

A letter to the editor on Nov. 21, which was about the King Mountain Pit, said the trucks from that area would not be going through "a town." As far as I know, Phippsburg is still here, and we're still on the map. Yes, it will be going through "a town."

Shovel sidewalks

I think it's about time the city starts shoveling the snow in between the streets and the sidewalks. It was discontinued as a temporary measure done to alleviate problems during the terrorism threats to our country. Now, our economy is back to normal enough that the city could afford to shovel those places. It makes the streets very dangerous, very difficult to park on and makes it difficult to get from the street to the sidewalk.

Live with it

I find it ridiculous that some residents in Fairview continually cause problems for B&K. I think B&K was probably there before they bought their houses, and the fact that it is an industrial area is probably the reason they could afford to buy their houses. That's the way it is, folks.

Remove safety hazards

Please don't leave refrigerators and freezers out in yards without latches to tie them down. There's quite a few in Oak Creek, and my nephew died six years ago climbing into a freezer that locked on him. It's a very serious problem; the snow doesn't cover it, and schoolchildren are wandering around and curious. I don't think the code enforcement officer has enough time to deal with this. There are also a lot of car batteries lying on streets and in public, where children could get to them, too. All it takes is one bad incident to happen. I hope my neighbors read this and take heed.


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