News for Friday, August 27, 2004



Understanding hunting unit information can enhance success

Each year the hills and valleys in this region attract thousands of hunters to Northwest Colorado.

Time for immunizations

Keeping up with the latest trends in clothes and gear is the popular back-to-school approach for many students.

4-H projects take top honors

Routt County 4-H students earned top honors at the Colorado State Fair for exhibit projects they first presented to judges at Soroco High School earlier this month.

County receives security study

Routt County has received the first of three studies county commissioners hope will bolster their position that the new justice center should be built west of downtown Steamboat Springs.

CWD Study: Environmental transmission possible

A recent study shows chronic wasting disease may prove especially slippery to eradicate. Scientists discovered that CWD, a disease affecting elk, white-tale and mule deer, can be passed on to uninfected animals up to two years after sick animals are gone. The June paper appeared on-line in the journal "Emerging Infectious Diseases" published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

High expectations for Soroco volleyball team

Expectations are hard to assess when a team already thinks it is behind. Between full-time jobs and preparations leading up to the Routt County Fair, the Soroco volleyball team has been unable to put everyone on the floor for early season practice during the past several weeks.

Meyers wins age group at cycling event

Bill Meyers may have gotten a late start in cycling, but the success he's having on the national scene is proof his decision to begin competing was a wise one.

Variety of hunting experiences available

From self-guided hunts on private land to a full-service trip with guides, posh lodges and gourmet food, there are a variety of options available to hunters looking for an exclusive hunting experience.

Big herds make Colorado ideal for big-game hunting

Hunters flock to Colorado from all over the world during hunting season. They come to harvest pronghorn antelope, bears, mountain lions, deer and turkeys. They take in the legendary Rocky Mountain scenery and the ample stock of outfitting opportunities.

Opportunities abound for youth hunters

Age doesn't have to be a barrier to fun, safe and successful small and big-game hunts in Colorado.

Building on 2003

Rams ready to capitalize on last year's success

The price of having a senior-dominated team is the holes the graduates leave behind. Last year, the Soroco football team enjoyed its finest season in more than a decade, earning a playoff spot for the first time since 1988.

Putting in the hours

Employers study impact of new federal overtime rules

Political candidates and labor union officials are debating the true impact of new federal overtime pay rules that went into effect last week.

Transactions for Aug. 16-23


Drop a line during your hunt

Big-game hunters traveling to Northwest Colorado in October don't arrive looking for trout. And that's a darn shame.

Proper field preparation key to processing

For many hunters, the prized deer, elk or antelope means more than a mount on the wall of their home; it means a year's worth of hard-earned steaks, sausages and jerky.

Camouflage requires more then clothing

Fading into the shadows, blending with the trees and dissolving under the brush are crucial to a bow hunter's success.

Grocery contracts looming

Area grocers may be affected by decision

Workers in three grocery stores in Northwest Colorado are paying close attention as contract talks for their fellow workers on Colorado's Front Range get under way with major grocery chains.

Business Briefs for Aug. 29

Tourism was down this weekend compared to the same weekend in 2003, but the outlook for the coming Labor Day weekend is brighter.

Permits for Aug. 9-13

Michael Barinelli & Timothy Rossi 2739 Abbey Road Owner/Contractor Single-family residence $381,921

Outlook good for elk herds

Elk hunters who are more intent on putting meat in the freezer than they are on putting a trophy on the wall and don't mind the prospect of hunting in winter conditions, have much to look forward to in Northwest Colorado this fall.

The Record for Aug. 28

Thursday, Aug. 26 10:33 a.m. Steamboat Springs police responded to a report of a disturbance at Colorado Mountain College. When located, the suspect was issued a verbal warning for trespassing.

Crawford Avenue homes razed

Not even a pile of rubble remains at 722 Crawford Ave., where Bill Padgett's home stood for more than 50 years.

Snow makes early appearance on Storm Peak

Don Markley never goes into the high country on horseback without his winter jacket. So it came as no surprise to him that there was fresh snow on the high mountain peaks surrounding Steamboat Springs and Routt County on Friday, the 27th day of August.

Follow laws to avoid fines

It doesn't pay to kill big game illegally, Division of Wildlife Officials say, and it really doesn't pay to kill trophy big game illegally.

Elk numbers look strong for season

Imagine a time when there were less than 2,000 elk in Colorado. Colorado Division of Wildlife records show the elk population shrank dramatically because of market hunting and the settlement of the West a century ago.

Calling can bring elk into sights

Deep in the woods a bull elk calls. The sound will draw a cow elk. It also will bring other bulls in defending their territory from the challenge.

Technology: Rangefinders can be key to hunt

The days when big-game hunters had to rely entirely on dead reckoning to determine the distance to a trophy bull elk are long gone. Affordable laser rangefinders have taken much of the guesswork out of one of the most critical judgments a hunter needs to make.

Be prepared for variety in weaher conditions

If current weather conditions continue, fire danger shouldn't be a worry for hunters in Northwest Colorado this fall.

Care in handling key to taxidermy

As a lifelong hunter, Bob Reinier had made his fair share of trips to the taxidermist. But it wasn't until he saw an advertisement for taxidermy school that he ever considered joining the profession.

Follow code o ethics in the field

Sports would not exist without rules. It seems simple, but consider playing tennis with no out-of-bounds line or hockey with steel sticks.

Take precautions to ensure a healthy hunt

Hunting in Colorado is relatively safe compared to other popular recreation activities in the state.

Take care during hunt to prepare meat for cooking

A good wild game meal starts long before the chef tosses a steak on the grill. Skillful hunting can add to the quality of a meal, said local hunter Karl Hoffman. If the goal is to eat the meat, preparation for the hunt is the key, Hoffman said.

Right decisions are key to survival

Most hunters have enough experience in the backcountry to keep from getting lost. They know the basics, such as being familiar with an area before setting off on a big trip and keeping fresh on their orienteering skills.

Elk not the only game in town

Most hunters come to Colorado with visions of trophy elk in their eyes. But elk isn't the only game in town.

Required hunter education classes offered

So, you remembered the extra batteries, disposable gloves and toilet paper, but when were you born? If you were born after Jan. 1, 1949, the State of Colorado requires you to have hunter education card.

Get outfitted in style for your hunt

The fashionable crowd this season will show up at hunting camp wearing "scent blocking" camouflage over their "Got Elk" T-shirt and toting a Hoochie Mama elk call. The hot color will be blaze orange, of course.

Spirit of the West lives on in Meeker

The "Hunters Welcome" signs are more than just advertising in Meeker. This town, long known as a premier spot for Colorado hunting, exists for the hunter and goes out of its way to prove it.

Outfitters can improve chances for trophy

Hunters new to Northwest Colorado often opt to use a guide to familiarize themselves with the area's mountainous terrain. But many times that's the beginning of a long-term relationship that brings visitors back to hunt with the same outfitter year after year, said Tom Bowers, owner of Colorado High Lonesome Outfitter and Guides in Yampa, who sees repeat clients as the bulk of his hunting business outfitters these days.

Lots of leftover licenses available

The Colorado Division of Wildlife could issue more elk hunting licenses in 2004 than ever before.

Accident delays commute

A three-car accident slowed rush-hour traffic and sent three people to the hospital Friday morning.

Hunting has major impact on area economy

Hunting and fishing combined generated almost 4 percent of Moffat County's economy in 2002, according to a study sponsored by the Colorado Division of Wildlife.

Hand loading can reduce potential for error

When hunting big game, a fraction of an inch can mean the difference between a clean kill and a near miss.

Bow hunting gains in popularity

More and more hunters, weary of crowds and cold nights or looking for a new challenge, are trading in their rifles and muzzleloaders for bows and arrows.

Hunters offer input on five-year plan

In February, the Colorado Division of Wildlife started conducting town hall-style meetings to discuss possible changes to its five-year big-game season structure.

Briefs for Aug. 28

Bust of Steamboat sponsorships available

What to do when the hunt is over

Just because you're not out hunting this fall doesn't mean you have to miss out on Northwest Colorado's plethora of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. With cooler weather, smaller crowds and the vibrant turning of the leaves, spectacular chances to hike, bike and visit local attractions in the fall is one of the region's best kept secrets.