Carl West: Visitor opposed to lodging tax


The lodging tax article was of great interest to me as I am a perennial visitor to Steamboat.

Talk about having it your own way, what with the tailor-made voting district (is that really legal?), no tax effect on residents, and having those same residents take advantage of flights essentially funded by visitors. I already give more than 11 percent total tax when paying for lodging, plus I pour many hundreds of additional dollars into the local economy each visit, so I certainly don't need an additional 2 percent tacked on to all of this. And I'm sure a portion of my expenditures goes into the schools, parks, etc.

The next time I check into lodging and you ask me if I arrived by air, and then charge me based on my answer, that would be fine.

Otherwise you are turning Steamboat into just another greedy resort area. Leisure money can easily be spent elsewhere. At least you don't have the dreaded parking meters, yet.

Carl West

Green Valley, Ariz.


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