News for Sunday, August 8, 2004



4-Hers exhibit a multitude of skills

In the process of making a felt vest, 9-year-old Abbey Horn of McCoy learned that people in Tajikistan, on the other side of the globe, use felt to make yurts and line irrigation ditches.

Young artist finds herself in major league

Imagine being called up from a minor-league team to pinch-hit in the World Series. Shift the analogy to the classical music world and it's akin to what happened to 25-year-old violinist Cristina Lixandru last week in the Strings tent.

County pursues western court site

Routt County commissioners are following through with three more studies requested by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The studies should help the Army Corps decide whether to give the county a permit to fill 1.4 acres of wetlands at the proposed site of a new justice center.

Hey bud, watch who you're calling an oenophile

Steamboat Wine Festival expands mountain-dwellers Cabernet vocabularies

White wine could disappear from the face of the earth tomorrow and I wouldn't miss it. But I think I'm rapidly becoming a red-wine fanatic. The Steamboat Wine Festival 2004 did nothing to slow my fermentation process. Still, I'm no oenophile, and don't you dare call me one unless you're prepared to prove it.

The Record for Aug. 9, 2004

Events celebrate early education

The Yampa Valley Community Foundation's special initiative for youth and early childhood education is coming to a close this year, after setting aside $60,000 to improve the quality of early childhood education.

Prostate cancer tests, treatment advancing

If you are a man -- or a woman who loves a father, brother, husband or male friend -- you need to know about prostate cancer. Sooner or later, this disease is likely to have an impact on your family or circle of friends.