Commissioners tweak area plan


The joint planning commissioners talked about protecting mobile-home parks, jump-starting the West of Steamboat plan and keeping affordable housing affordable as they delved into the second half of the Steamboat Springs Community Area Plan Update.

With the heavy issue of growth management discussed at an Oct. 9 meeting, the Steamboat Springs Planning Commission and Routt County Planning Commission were able to look at other pressing issues in the draft of the area plan.

One of the lengthier discussions centered on providing protection for mobile-home owners who have landlords who want to sell the lots on which their homes sit.

City Planning Commissioner Dick Curtis asked the two boards if the plan should address the displacement of mobile-home owners and encourage landowners to allow mobile-home owners to buy the land where their homes sit.

The boards discussed the possibility of zoning areas for mobile-home parks so if current parks are sold for commercial uses, the homeowners have a place to relocate.

"A lot of people are not able to find homes. There is no inventory. Not even in Milner," Routt County Planning Director Caryn Fox said.

The two boards also discussed the lack of movement in the West of Steamboat Springs Area Plan. City Planning Commission Chairwoman Kathi Meyer said they had plans to meet Dec. 14 with landowners in the area west of Steamboat to discuss how to develop the area.

Landowners in the West of Steamboat plan area can either follow the city guidelines, which allow for higher density and annexation into the city, or they can subdivide the land into the state-allowed 35-acre pieces.

City Planning Commissioner Scott Myller said he would like to see the governments take the first step in moving the plan forward.

"They could put in roads, buy it -- I don't care what, just don't let it get split up into 35 acres," Myller said. "To assume the developer is going to do everything the way we want is a bit of a stretch."

Planning Commissioner Randall Hannaway also expressed frustration with the stagnant plan and said if left to the market place, the land would not be developed as designated in the code.


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