Soundoff for Oct. 19, 2003


School Board story

In an effort to allow fair reporting on Montessori, specifically regarding the article that was published Oct. 16, "School Board takes debate to Nov. 4 ballot," I'd like to point out deficiencies in the writing of this article.

Although much space was given to Paul Fisher's arguments showing the deficiencies of the Montessori proposal, very little space was offered from the Montessori perspective showing the deficiencies in the district's proposal.

First off, a case very similar to the district's regarding unfunded mandates has been tried. It went to the state Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of the charter application against the district.

Also, the district's contention that this is a conversion of a private school and that there is some sort of budgetary issue in the Montessori charter proposal is false.

The state board has overridden the district on both of those issues. They carry no water. In giving fair time to both sides of this argument, the Steamboat Pilot & Today would be in a position to better educate your constituents in lieu of its choice to push one side of an argument. In the future, the paper should present both sides of this argument.

$100,000 handout

A $100,000 handout by the City Council to the chamber is hardly surprising, given the cozy relationship between the two. Year after year, the handouts directly and indirectly -- Triple Crown, for example -- continue unabated. As usual, the argument goes: The contribution for this and that will stimulate the economy. If that's true, where are the results?

Even the Pilot & Today, in its Sunday editorial praising council's bold decision, admits, as it must, the city is unlikely to recoup the $100,000 in sales tax revenues. But businesses at least will operate more efficiently. Reading between the lines then, the $100,000 contribution will not help the city but will help the business community.

My response is to let the businesses survive on their own. As it is, the $100,000 contribution works out to be a direct subsidy to local businesses.

Stop subsidizing growth

The city should not give our money to the Steamboat Springs Chamber resort Association. The city should completely stop subsidizing growth.

'Hides' cans should stop

Once again, I can't understand why there are cans marked "hides" sitting near the railroad tracks open for hunters to dispose of their skins and hides. Dogs and children are playing around it. Who put these out? It's distasteful. Somebody should clean it up.

Concerned about hides

I am just so concerned. I live in South Rout in Oak Creek, and my children walk to school. There is an ordinance in this town that you can't have your garbage out on the curb except on the day of pickup and then the cans have to have lids on them. But there are cans for hides and skins in town everywhere. The cans have no lids. Children and dogs are playing in them. Whoever put these cans out should come get them. It is a health hazard to our community.

Sorry about Williams

I am so sorry Marcus Williams dropped out of the City Council race. Marcus why don't you come to South Routt? You would be great down here as mayor after Cargo Rodeman leaves office. Move on down to South Routt. We would welcome you with, open arms.

Editor's note: Williams has

re-entered the race


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