Question of the Week


Rachel Mick

TEEN STYLE, Freshman,

Steamboat Springs High School

Do you think government officials care about teen


n Donald Dillon, senior

Steamboat Springs High School

No, there are no laws to protect teens. I don't think government cares about the youth during these times of important issues.

n Cristina Crotz, senior

Steamboat Springs High School

I think that more local government officials care about what teens think because we are their future. But as a whole, the government thinks teens don't have the education in politics, so, no.

n Megan Gonio, sophomore

Steamboat Springs High School

I don't think so. They're more persuaded by adults' opinions, because we can't vote and elect them.

n Travis Hodo, senior

Steamboat Springs High School

They consider us at a lower level and consider adults at a higher level, because they are the ones who elect them, but they do still consider our opinions for the future.


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