David and Diane Cionni: Houk letter was vile


We were very saddened to read Dr. Arthur Houk's letter to the editor Nov. 26.

Dr. Houk's homophobia is reprehensible. His editorial letter preaches intolerance, prejudice and hate. His fanaticism and narrow-mindedness contribute to an environment of bigotry in our community that significantly affects all of us.

We face a challenging lack of diversity in our community. Highlighting differences among people, or creating an "us or them" mentality, sets the stage for the type of gay-bashing that Dr. Houk engages in.

These extreme views may lead to extreme acts. It was not long ago or far from this community that a young man was hideously tortured and murdered because of his sexual orientation.

Dr. Houk's views are even more despicable as he hides his hate behind the Bible and the veil of his religious beliefs. We hope that Dr. Houk and his "religion" do not intimidate the gay and lesbian members of our community. We urge everyone who found Dr. Houk's letter as vile as we did to take the time to let him know that all do not share his opinion.

David and Diane Cionni

Steamboat Springs


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