Lindsey Rosso: Late-term abortion ban


The partial-birth abortion ban that President Bush signed into law last week leaves out the most important thing of all: the health of a woman.

This ban is nothing more than a highly calculated move on the part anti-abortion politicians to revoke a woman's right to make safe and informed decisions about her body. Ask anyone on the street what this ban is, and chances are you will get a different answer every time. This is because nobody really knows what this vague ban means or to whom it would specifically apply.

It is a term invented by politicians with an agenda to push, not by doctors whose motivation is to protect the health of their patients.

The truth about this ban is that it prevents a woman, in consultation with her family and doctor, from making decisions on the best way to protect her health and her life.

It criminalizes medically necessary abortions in life threatening cases such as kidney failure, diabetes and stroke.

To make a law that does not include an exception for cases when a woman's health is at risk is unconstitutional.

Politicians need to stop pushing agendas and start thinking about real people.

What is most important is protection of a woman's right to make personal decisions that preserve her privacy and her health. Never should a woman be made a criminal for choosing to defend her own life.

Lindsey Rosso

Steamboat Springs


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