Larry Kaminski: Support coach Drake


I have read with amazement the articles about coach Mark Drake. I have yet to hear what he has to say or see some investigative, nonbiased reporting. I see a mob, hanging judge and malicious folks.

I worked with coach Drake from 1974 until the late 1990s. I saw him develop a lot of great young men. I traveled with him and never saw inappropriate behavior. He and coach Bob Harris dedicated many hours to their teams.

Drake is the subject of a witch hunt. It is without cause and not substantiated. I do not know any man in Steamboat Springs who would allow his reputation and job to be lost based on rumors, accusations and unverifiable statements.

The Steamboat I spent 27 years of my life in was a great place with caring people. I ask those of you out there not hungry for revenge -- (because of) decisions a coach must make regarding your kids and those who would try to sacrifice another man's life and reputation for their own gain -- to wake up and help a man who devoted 35 years to young athletes. Drake's record and awards speak for him. Look to see why and how this came about and ask questions.

Support Drake. The events that have led to this issue are disturbing.

This is shameful behavior. Steamboat, have you changed that much?

Larry Kaminski

Port Ludlow, Wash.


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