Donna Brinton: Get numbers right


I am writing in regard to the article on Referendum 2A in the recent voters guide.

It's a shame that the article was biased with only one paragraph in support of the referendum and the rest against. However, what was most shocking were the statements made by Scott Ford. Having been in retail business for more than 10 years I was stunned by his financial figures.

Many retail stores mark up merchandise 100 percent. Ms. Everard would need to sell $800 of merchandise, not $7,600, to raise the additional, $381 needed to pay the extra taxes. Furthermore, Mr. Ford states that to sell an additional $7,600 it would amount to an additional $25 per day -- $25 multiplied by 365 is $9,125, not $7,600. Whether you are in support of this tax or not, statements made should be accurate and not misleading.

Donna Brinton

Steamboat Springs


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