Sound Off for June 1, 2003


I am outraged by the incidence of sexual assault within the teen community in our small town. Even if we are following a national trend, we should work hard to stem this problem. Our daughters and sons deserve better. This is a community-wide problem that must be addressed by parents, schools, police, churches, coaches and other community members. We can no longer afford to "let boys be boys" and accuse victims of "asking for it." It is time we curb the availability of alcohol to minors, holding those who supply it accountable even at the risk of losing some college students from skiing our mountain on their spring breaks. It is time we change from a sales-tax-driven revenue base to a property tax revenue base so, as a community, we can focus on our children instead of how many pillows were slept on the previous weekend and leakage to Denver.

The city of Steamboat needs to provide a place for dumping of organic yard waste. I can't find a place in town that has any place to compost organic yard waste. We really need to get ahead of this Earth Day stuff.

I sometimes think the altitude produces the attitude on water conservation. If those airheads wasting water sprinkling their lawns this summer would only use their brains instead and buy a rain barrel or make one with a spigot that a lawn soaker can be attached to, we'll all be better off this year.

If the school district is trying to cut funds out of their budget, why did they just approve a $10,000 bonus to the facilities director to oversee the middle school expansion program? This money does not affect students, does not affect programs, and that's what they're looking to cut. Here would be one place to save $10,000.

Concerning the schools, a higher authority has spoken again. It is now time for the taxpayers of Routt County and Steamboat Springs to take charge and recall the entire School Board of the Steamboat Springs School District. They have overstepped their bounds too many times. Let's put an end to them.

Under Paul Fisher's leadership of the school board we have lost a superintendent; nearly lost the principal of an award winning school; and face a half-million dollar deficit. The district is under the threat of a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union, and now faces the possibility of the state pulling the district's accreditation for its failure to work in good faith with the Montessori Charter school. When is enough enough?


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