Man arrested at gunpoint after hit-and-run


Hayden police arrested a man at gunpoint Monday evening after a hit-and-run accident that injured a Craig woman.

Donald James Dumas, 18, of Craig, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, DUI per se, failing to report and failing to yield at right-of-way, Hayden Police Chief Jody Lenahan said.

Erica Acosta, 27, was injured when the Ford Expedition she was driving was broadsided by Dumas' Chevrolet Tahoe, Lenahan said.

According to police reports, Dumas was driving south out of the alley to the west of Kum & Go, attempting to cross U.S. Highway 40. He did not stop at the highway intersection but continued across the highway, broadsiding the passenger's side of the Acostas' eastbound Expedition, Lenahan said.

The impact of the collision scratched and bruised Acosta's arm and inflated the airbags, causing her nose to bleed, Lenahan said. Acosta's husband, Jose, and the couple's three children in the back seat did not appear to be injured, but Jose Acosta said Tuesday that the children had bruises from their seat belts.

Jose Acosta said that at first, he did not think his wife needed to be taken to the hospital, but Tuesday, she complained of back pain and he took her in. The family is awaiting the results of X-rays on Erica Acosta to see if any serious damage occurred.

"We were scared because it surprised us," Jose Acosta said. "I'm thankful we were driving a big car. We were lucky."

According to witness accounts, Dumas continued driving across the alley and headed south on South Poplar Avenue.

The collision ripped the front bumper -- including the license plate -- off of the vehicle. Lenahan said the Oregon plates from the front bumper assured police they had the correct vehicle when they caught up with Dumas' SUV in the 400 block of South Poplar Avenue and arrested him at gunpoint.

Dumas attempted to hide in his vehicle behind a trash bin, but several residents phoned police with his location, Lenahan said.

Steamboat Springs resident Teri Reynolds was riding home with her husband from a weekend at Lake Tahoe, when they saw the collision occur in front of them.

"He was going pretty fast because he hit the other car so hard," Reynolds said. "We saw damage to the car, and it was considerable."

Reynolds and her husband stopped to see if they could help the woman and her family.

"They seemed to not even know what happened; it happened so quickly," Reynolds said. "We saw the driver take off down the alley. Dirt was flying everywhere."

"He doesn't abide by the rules," Lenahan said. "He doesn't believe in registering a vehicle or buying insurance. He probably couldn't get a license here, anyway. He has a history of driving incidents."

Lenahan said Hayden residents were instrumental with helping police locate the suspect and explaining what happened.


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