Letter: Omar Campbell



"I Wonder Why" is the public forum of a small weekly newspaper in another town -- much like Sound Off in the Sunday Pilot & Today.

If one is puzzled about something, he writes the "Why" forum. Letters need not be signed. Sometimes the editor himself responds and always signs off personally on his view. Often someone whose ox had been gored, or who has knowledge of the matter at hand, will write in to the forum the next week. It is an interesting and popular feature.

In relation to the above, Steamboat Today on May 8, 2003, had a staff-written article titled "Indecent Exposure Charges Dropped." It was the second or third such piece on the same happening in the past few weeks. In none of the coverage was the accused person's name mentioned.

From the text, he obviously was not a juvenile exempt from being named. A charge of harassment was not dropped. One can think of no reason why the author would leave out the name of the accused in reporting on an upcoming public court trial.

In another sensitive matter reported in the Today a few months ago, a well-known local man's name was printed. One has to wonder at the difference in treatment.

I don't give a fig about the subject person's name -- what is troublesome is the principal of an unequal standard applied by the editorial staff. I wonder why?

Omar M. Campbell
Steamboat Springs


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