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Where is the prom coverage?

I cannot believe the paper has not had one word or picture about the high school prom held last weekend. What are you thinking? You put the Spirit Challenge on the front of the paper instead of a picture of the prom. I totally do not get it.

Could we please support our kids and cover one of the biggest events of their school career?

For charter school, move back to city

You just gotta love these people who move to a small town for all it offers and then demand all the luxuries of the city. If you desire a public Montessori school, feel free to move back to the city where they can support it financially. Here you have a blue ribbon public school and two excellent private schools to choose from. Why you want to take money from all the other children in this town is beyond me.

I support the School Board 100 percent. I'd rather see a lawsuit than another charter school in Steamboat.

Please think about what you're doing.

Montessori backers a loud minority

How many times do the same 10 people need to say the same 10 things in support of the Montessori charter school?

I hope the School Board recognizes that this group is simply a very loud minority -- a minority that clearly believes its special interests should supercede what is best for all of the children in this district.

Honor code good but needs work

I went with my sophomore daughter to a parents meeting about the honor code at the high school last night.

A lot of valid questions and issues were addressed, and I think, eventually, I would agree with the honor code if certain wording and issues were changed. The issue of cheating, as worded in the code would, right now, include help from parents. I, as a parent, will not stop helping my daughter with homework, so certain wording of the aspects of cheating need to be changed.

The number of 16 people confronting the accused needs to be looked at, also. I would have difficulty facing 16 of my peers to defend myself. Bias of members of the council toward the accused and confidentiality of honor code matters are also matters of importance. We were assured that, ideally, both these matters are being taken care of, fairly, in the honor code process.

I personally would need a little more assurance on this one. The premise for the honor code is to empower the students so they may have a say in their school lives and school system. I believe in this, because as they grow older, our children will learn that having a voice and interest in their surrounding environment is essential. We must keep in mind that they are still children and still need guidance of counselors and teachers. The honor code as a basic

idea is great and eventually will lead to a more honest student body.

Want more school choices? Move

I am very proud of our School Board members. They have the responsibility to keep our schools out of financial trouble. They have the guts to stand up to the state Board of Education and say no, we cannot afford a Montessori school. We have a small school district. Every dollar counts. If you want more school choice, move to Boulder or Jefferson County.

Who are you trying to kid? Adding another school to the district will cost money for more teachers, another building, supplies, janitors, playground equipment and special books.

This is not the way to deal with allies

How can the United States ever argue that it is going to war in the name of freedom and democracy?

The Bush government threatens punitive retaliation against old allies who dared to express different opinions on the question of going to war. How daring. Punishing dissenters is not exactly in the spirit of freedom and democracy.

If America expects to win any level of respect for its role as a military superpower (as opposed to actual fear and loathing) it must do better to understand that not everybody will automatically agree with its decisions.

Go Greyhound. Now connect airport

Congratulations to the city for connecting the Greyhound bus to the city bus. The next step is to connect the city bus to the Yampa Valley Regional Airport in Hayden, that way tourists will learn about our free bus system right when they step off the plane.

What have you done with Dowd?

I'd like to see more Maureen Dowd articles back in the newspaper. I haven't seen one for quite a while. I figure if you've got Mallard Fillmore every day, a nice balance would be a Maureen Dowd article a time or two.

Will the global elite control us?

Beware the industrial military complex. Why are commercials for huge corporations appearing on TV -- Cargill, Global Unity, etc. Are they preparing for the takeover of our country by the global elite? They seem benign but even benign control is control. What is happening to our country? Will the global elite control our resources, population, environment and religion?


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