The following is a list of people booked into the Routt County Jail on suspicion of the listed charges. The arresting agency is listed in parentheses.

saturday, March 8

Mario Wilfrando Flores, 52, Steamboat Springs -- Driving under the influence of alcohol, DUI per se and speeding (Steamboat Springs Police Department)

Merrily Nicol Waldron, 29, Steamboat Springs -- Theft, DUI, DUI per se, fugitive of justice and careless driving (SSPD)

Jonathan Carlton Spence, 33, Steamboat Springs -- DUI and careless driving (Routt County Sheriff's Office)

Sunday, March 9

Wesly Dylan Dearborn, 24, Steamboat Springs -- Possession of schedule I substance (SSPD)

Andre Steinke, 29, Peekskill, N.Y. -- DUI, DUI per se and careless driving (SSPD)

Lori Leigh Brazelton, 32, Hayden -- Fugitive Of Justice (Hayden Police Department)

Stephen David McDonald, 18, Steamboat -- Third-degree assault (SSPD)

Stephanie Lyn Aiford, 28, Steamboat Springs -- Failure to appear (contempt of court x 2) (SSPD)

Monday, March 10

Jessica Amber Tudor, 25, Steamboat Springs -- Contempt of court (SSPD)

Julie Christine Barnes, 27, Steamboat Springs -- Defective taillight, drug paraphernalia, DUI and DUI per se (SSPD)

Dell Ward Look, 35, Steamboat Springs -- Failure to appear (RCSO)

Jeffrey Kiowa Bongiorno, 18, Steamboat Springs -- Driving under the influence of drugs, speeding, no seat belt and drug paraphernalia (Colorado State Patrol)

Alan Ray Maier, 40, Oak Creek -- Driving under restriction and driving under suspension (CSP)

Brian Scott Turner, 32, Steamboat Springs -- Failure to appear (SSPD)

Tuesday, March 11

Scott Michael Fleeman, 34, Steamboat Springs -- Driving while ability impaired, speeding and weaving (RCSO)

Amy Lynn Cummins, 36, Steamboat Springs -- Weaving and DUI (SSPD)

John Andrew Withey, 32, Steamboat Springs -- Failure to appear (harassment) (SSPD)

Vincent James Rapone, 20, Steamboat Springs -- Failure to appear (SSPD)

Jason Dean Lewis, 20, Steamboat Springs -- Failure to appear (SSPD)

Wednesday, March 12

Richard Grant Shields, 33, Oak Creek -- Weaving and DUI (SSPD)

Casey David McCarthrick, 22, Ardmore -- Theft (RCSO)

Jeffery Kiowa Bongiorno, 18, Steamboat Springs -- DUID, drug paraphernalia possession, possession of less than 1 oz. marijuana and minor in possession of alcohol (CSP)

Thursday, March 13

Adam Walker Stringer, 21, Steamboat Springs -- Failure to appear (traffic) (SSPD)

James Edward Scott, 26, West Point, Miss. -- DWAI, weaving, failure to signal and failure to stop at stop sign (SSPD)

James Richard Carr, 59, Phippsburg -- Failure to appear (DWAI) (RCSO)

Larissa Rose Capelo, 19, Steamboat Springs -- DUI, DUR, DUI per se and failure to stop at stop sign (SSPD)

Patrick St. Clare Thompson, 38, Steamboat Springs -- Third-degree assault, false imprisonment (SSPD)

Kristie Dee Nichols, 22, Oak Creek -- Failure to appear (RCSO)

Larry Earl Seams, 45, Steamboat Springs -- DUI, failure to yield (CSP)

Friday, March 14

Jeffrey Glenn Starrett, 51, Estes Park -- DUI, DUI per se, speeding (SSPD)

Michael Eugene Gilmore, 19, San Marcos, Texas -- DUI, Minor in consumption, careless driving (CSP)

David Michael Schmid, 28, Centreville, Va. -- DUI, failure to signal, weaving (SSPD)

Phillip Wayne Swicegood Jr., 30, Steamboat Springs -- DUI, speeding, possession of less than 1 oz. marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia (CSP)

William Keith Appel, 29, Steamboat Springs -- Fugitive of justice (SSPD)

Jesse Edward Yerger, 29, Steamboat Springs -- DWAI (CSP)

Matthew Sheridan Wheeler, 28, Steamboat Springs -- Failure to appear (RCSO)

Police blotter

Friday, March 14

8:35 a.m. Officials of Bear Claw Condominiums reported that one or more people had set off several fire extinguishers the night before.

10:10 a.m. Prescription medicine and large knife was stolen from an unlocked car in the City Market parking lot.

3:52 p.m. A tourist at Phoenix Condominiums reported almost $500 stolen from his room.

3:57 p.m. Three young males were caught stealing two 40 oz. Budweisers, two steaks and beef stew meat from Curve Market. Police issued citations.

7:23 p.m. About $500 worth of tools were reported stolen from a truck in the underground parking lot at Torian Plum Condominiums.


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