Clearing up errors on Summit


Omar Campbell's recent letter to the Editor regarding the 2003 Economic Summit contained erroneous statements (Steamboat Pilot, June 8, 2003).

We would like you readers to know that:

n The county's contribution to the summit was $2,000, not the $15,000 reported by Mr. Campbell.

The cost of the summit is about $23,000.

Of that amount the business community, which includes businesses that are not Chamber members, contributes in-cash or in-kind $19,000.

The city and county each contribute $2,000.

These contributions represent an acknowledgment that the overall economy of the valley is a vital part of our community's health.

It is in everyone's best interest to provide a forum to discuss and learn about the economic trends that influence us.

n A diverse committee developed the Economic Summit agenda.

Of the 23 people on the planning committee, 11 -- or 47.8 percent -- were from the public, nonprofit, governmental and/or educational sector.

The leaders of these sectors realize that a healthy economy is necessary for them to provide their services at a level that can make a difference, which in turn add to the quality of life for all of us here.

n A large part of the summit was in direct response to the city's question, "how do we better support our downtown in the face of competing and conflicting demands?"

The committee realized that this was a region-wide conversation that should include other communities within the valley.

To that end, a variety of speakers representing different methods of response and/or regulation were present.

The speakers ranged from a pioneer for municipal growth management plans to a Wal-Mart developer, from a speaker that encourages "mom and pop" stores to a planner whose community welcomes formula stores.

n The purpose of the Economic Summit is to provide opportunities for information and education.

Members of the Economic Development Council believe that a community with access to more and better information is able to achieve a better balance among its social, economic and environmental assets.

The diversity and wide range of sponsors and participants is something we are proud of, and encourage people to look at that list both on our Web site and our thank you note published in the Steamboat Pilot, Sunday, June 15, 2003.

We want to thank our community for the wonderful turnout and gratifying feedback about this year's program.

We encourage anyone that was unable to attend to visit our Web site and read or see the variety of positions that were presented.

Noreen Moore is the

business resource director for

the Steamboat Springs Economic Development Council


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