Buy a home --et a 1984 Jeep

Man gets creative to sell trailer


— Inspired by a local deal that promises land buyers a new Hummer, George Donahue has gotten creative selling his mobile home.

The new owner of his riverfront property in Fish Creek Park will get Donahue's 1984 Jeep Cherokee for free. He thinks the idea of including a vehicle with his property will be a good strategy.

"It will make it a conversation," Donahue said about his sale. "If people are talking about it, it's an advantage."

He plans to move into a new "fixer-upper" home in Oak Creek soon. He will also be letting go of his well-worn Jeep and buying a pickup.

"I'm upgrading," Donahue said with a smile.

Donahue bought the Jeep from an acquaintance five years ago. The blue, two-door vehicle has close to 90,000 miles on it. He said he is sad to let go of it.

"It's the first Jeep I ever owned. When I got it I went, 'Wow.' I finally owned a Jeep," he said. "That sucker will go anywhere."

Donahue, a carpenter, has lived in Steamboat Springs for almost 30 years.

He remodeled most of his trailer himself, with handcrafted carpentry.

The trailer can accommodate two or three bedrooms and has one and a half bathrooms.

The trailer is listed at $44,000.


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