Letters to the editor


Deep appreciation

I would like to express my deep appreciation and thanks to all those who came to my aid when I rolled my truck off Colorado Highway 131 last Friday (July 25th) afternoon.

I will never forget the care and concern of the lady who came running, yelling, "I'm coming, I'm coming" and later got me an ice bag for my head. All those who stopped to comfort and reassure me as I waited for the EMTs once again confirmed for me the value of the human soul and the importance of human connectedness.

As a health-care worker I often become frustrated and discouraged with our health-care system. I learned firsthand Friday that the system works well and that the compassion of my colleagues greatly overshadows the issues we may encounter.

The Fire Department rescue workers, the emergency and radiology staff at the hospital, and the Colorado State Patrol officer all showed me excellent professional care and service. They made me very proud to be a member of this community and of the health-care profession.

Thanks again to all of you. And to everyone: Wear your seat belt. It saved my life.

Linda Shovan

Steamboat Springs

A good fit

This is regarding The Citizens to Save Public Land column on page 5A of Sunday's Pilot & Today.

Emerald Mountain was appraised at $17.2 million by the State Land Board appraiser. The SLB has a mandate to obtain the highest value for its land. When the Emerald Mountain Partnership first heard of that appraisal price, it questioned the price's validity.

This high valuation has caused the Partnership to seek purchasers willing to follow the Partnership's mission -- "Dedicated to the conservation of the natural resources of Emerald Mountain and surrounding lands and to the creation of a multi-use model of land use to ensure the compatibility of agriculture, wildlife, recreation and education."

The BLM seems to fit well.

Martha Drake Young

Steamboat Springs


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