Greeley man arrested after van crashes into lumber pile


After resisting arrest and behaving oddly toward police officers, Greeley resident Daniel Jamison Hayslip was arrested early Friday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless driving.

About 2:30 a.m. Friday, Steamboat Springs police responded to a report of a minivan driving recklessly. A motorist traveling on Lincoln Avenue said he had to swerve to avoid being hit by the minivan as it sped through a red light at the intersection of Pine Grove Road and Lincoln Avenue. The caller said the minivan continued on Pine Grove Road, toward the railroad, moving at about 50 mph.

Police found the minivan past the railroad tracks, on top of a pile of lumber that it had crashed into outside of Alpine Lumber.

When officers contacted the driver, 31-year-old Hayslip appeared to be passed out in the driver's seat of the minivan, said Steamboat Springs Assistant Police Chief Art Fiebing.

Officers yelled for Hayslip to wake up. When he did, police asked him if he had been drinking. Hayslip reportedly replied, "I had too much."

Police then asked Hayslip to get out of the minivan to perform roadside maneuvers. Hayslip reportedly asked, "Why? I'm not driving anymore." After Hayslip attempted one maneuver, the officers told him to stop because it appeared as though he was so intoxicated that he could not stand and likely would fall down, Fiebing said.

Hayslip became aggressive and verbally abusive as the officers placed him in handcuffs. Fiebing said Hayslip attempted to head-butt the officers. Police held Hayslip against the minivan, attempting to calm him down.

Hayslip continued to attempt to assault the officers, Fiebing said, so they put him on the ground.

Fiebing said Hayslip suddenly went limp, and the officers had to carry him to the patrol vehicle. When they approached the police vehicle, Hayslip became rigid, making it difficult for the police to get him into the car, he said.

After the officers had placed Hayslip into the patrol vehicle, they returned to the minivan for further investigation, Fiebing said. They observed about 150 feet of skid marks leading up to the lumber pile where the van had stopped.

The officers then caught Hayslip attempting to climb out the window of the patrol car while handcuffed, Fiebing said. Police returned him to the back seat, after which he jumped into the rear storage area of the vehicle and "played dead," Fiebing said.

The officers then requested an ambulance for Hayslip.

Hayslip was later transported to the Routt County Jail, where he continued to be uncooperative, Fiebing said.

He refused to take a blood or breath test to determine his blood-alcohol content and was aggressive. Fiebing said Hayslip urinated on the door of his jail cell, which created a mess in the booking area of the office.

"Alcohol is a problem in our society," Fiebing said. "This is an example of how dangerous these people are."

Fiebing said it was lucky that Hayslip did not injure anyone while driving in his apparent state of intoxication.

"It's discouraging to us that there are people out there that are still such a menace to society," Fiebing said.

Hayslip also was cited for having no proof of insurance and an expired driver's license.

Alpine Lumber manager Skip Dierdorff estimated the cost of the materials damaged in the crash in the thousands of dollars. Engineered lumber, beams and fencing were damaged, he said.


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