Sound off for July 13, 2003


Voter disapproval

I feel that it is totally wrong for the Routt County commissioners to fund a justice center without the voters' approval. If the county wants to fund something that needs money, use the money to preserve the beginning of Routt County -- our museums.

Count me as one who definitely does not agree with the county's decision to bypass voters on funds for a new justice center. I think Nancy Stahoviak has it wrong. Tax nullification and location are only two issues. The main issue remains unspoken -- citizen resistance to enlarging an already overinflated and overbearing legal, judicial, law enforcement and social service complex that already interferes in Routt County life way too quickly and far too much.

I feel the county should have left the justice center to the voters. The voters turned the county down once and now the county is circumventing the voters.

An unfair ban

I just want to say that I think it is very prejudiced to ban one recreation form but not others. I think you should have designated trails for each sport for uphill and for downhill.

I came to Steamboat this weekend to visit friends and rode up the mountain. It's funny that not a single tourist stopped for me going uphill, yet, when I used to ride here, every single downhiller would stop for me.

I think the ski area should make designated trails for the downhill bikers so they aren't banned from the ski area.

Yampa does exist

Why nothing was put in the paper about the Yampa Fourth of July Parade or Fourth of July events. I'm really disappointed that Yampa has been forgotten.

Fighting fires

Fire is inevitable, but extensive fire damage is not. Following are some common sense deterrents that we are using out in Stagecoach: No. 1, fire extinguishers in every home with one per floor. No. 2, fire detectors throughout the home. No. 3, an automatic alarm system. Since response times in rural South Routt are relatively long, it's important to have an early warning system. It's always better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Cost of salmonella

I have a comment about the restaurant being sued on the salmonella outbreak. I saw that you put how much his bill was for his medical expenses, $11,000. But you didn't put how much he was suing for. All he should be suing for really is the pay he lost while he was out of work.

Heritage stinks

As I drove my freshly washed car through the fresh manure piles on Lincoln Avenue on July 6, I was not feeling appreciative of "our heritage." Why on earth do we make our town literally smell bad on a hot July day with hundreds of people walking around trying to enjoy downtown? Cattle drives belong on the ranch, or on county roads as needed -- not on our major thoroughfare through downtown.


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