Finalist declines AD job

Steamboat Springs High School's search continues


— The search for a new Steamboat Springs athletics director continues after the school's top choice, a man from Colorado Springs, turned down the job.

Steamboat Springs High School Assistant Principal Mike Knezevich said the finalist was a teacher and varsity coach with administrative aspirations, which fit the school's hiring criteria perfectly.

Knezevich did not release his name but said the candidate worked for a large school in the Colorado Springs area.

"The gentleman we offered the position to declined after thinking about it," Knezevich said. "He had a family and thought it would be difficult to relocate to Steamboat with the pay that was offered."

The salary range for the athletics director position is $54,000 to $55,000, depending on education, which is as much as $10,000 less than a school in the Denver metro will offer a person applying for the same position, Knezevich said.

The difference, Knezevich added, is that the athletics director at the Steamboat Springs High School is not a paid administrator.

However, school officials plan for the new hire to assume administrative responsibilities, such as evaluating teachers and assisting with discipline.

"Most places in the state, (the athletics director) is an assistant principal," Knezevich said. "Personally, I think they need to be paid as an assistant principal. They work almost as many hours as (Steamboat Springs High School Principal) Dave (Schmid) and me."

The Steamboat Springs High School athletics director is responsible for supervising all sports and other extracurricular activities such as speech and music.

The person hired will be in charge of coaches, transportation and the athletics budget, among other things.

In addition, Knezevich said, he would like the new athletics director to resurrect the high school's intramural program and take on several administrative responsibilities.

Steamboat Springs High School is looking to replace former athletics director Bruce Crowhurst, who resigned this spring to take a position at Middle Park High School.

Though the high school athletics director likely will make less than he or she would at a school of similar size in the Front Range, Knezevich said he tells candidates that Steamboat's quality of life, its schools, and its students and coaches equalize things.

"I certainly play that up," he said. "Obviously, this time it was not a success."

Knezevich said many people inquired about the position but only 10 people applied.

Another candidate the search committee expressed interest in withdrew her name because of monetary concerns as well, Knezevich said.

The search committee consisting of Schmid, Knezevich, coaches, teachers, community members and student-athletes resumed advertising for the position in Steamboat, in Colorado and across the country.

"I know we'll find someone," Knezevich said. "We have received a couple new applicants since the new posting. I'm actively involved in this and pursuing it. It's worth it. He or she is a person Dave and I work closely with. It's a key person in our school, and they do a lot with the kids, our staff and the community."

Knezevich said the committee plans on resuming the interview process in two weeks.


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