News for Tuesday, January 21, 2003



Board wants town to compromise

County commissioners say Oak Creek owes Sheriff's Office

The town of Oak Creek should pay its fair share for police services provided by the Routt County Sheriff's Office last fall, the Routt County Board of Commissioners said Wednesday.

Winter Sports Club wraps up competition

The Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club's freestyle and cross country teams wrapped up recent competitions with impressive results.

Finding a Better Way

Things have not worked out well for the city of Steamboat Springs in its efforts to create new sources of revenue. That's what happens to plans that don't have public support.

City pursues grant for Depot improvements

The city of Steamboat Springs is about to take the next step toward stabilizing its historic railroad depot.

Steamboat continues streak

Hockey team improves to 6-3 overall, 4-1 in league

The Steamboat Springs hockey team is on a three-game winning streak, courtesy of its victory Monday.

SSHS senior steals show, second title

Gunnar Sorensen has found a groove.

Cowboys on skis

Downhill mixes rodeo folk, beer and Steamboat's other pastime

So what if Rob Bell got knocked out in a rodeo Monday night. Or if he broke his thumb ramping off jumps Tuesday morning. He gets a chance to compete in the Cowboy Downhill once a year, and he wasn't about to miss his shot this time around.

The record for Jan. 22

City holds off on impact fee decision

Developers want refund, say paying fees were illegal under state law