Truth or lies?


Is it better to establish laws in our country based on truth or on lies? The U.S. Supreme Court, on Jan. 22, 1973, made abortion "legal" in this country at any stage of a pregnancy. But it was all based on lies. How can we stand by and let lies govern the killing of innocent, helpless babies?

When did the Supreme Court become a legislative body? Our country has three branches of government, meant to be a system of checks and balances, so that no one branch is more powerful than any other. The legislative branch was given the duty to make laws that protect Constitutional rights. The executive branch was given the duty to enforce the laws made by the legislative branch.

The judicial branch's duty is to interpret the Constitution and decide whether the laws made by the legislative branch are in line with the Constitution and whether those laws have been enforced appropriately. But the Supreme Court decided to create new law rather than enforce the Constitution in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton.

The Supreme Court decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton were based on lies.

The lies included a statement made by Norma McCorvey, the Roe in Roe v. Wade, that her pregnancy was the result of a gang rape. She asserted that she should not have been denied access to a legal abortion in Texas. She was referred to two young attorneys, who told her they would represent her in a lawsuit to overturn Texas abortion laws. McCorvey was stunned when the case went to the Supreme Court and resulted in the legalization of abortion in all 50 states.

Sandra Cano, a homeless mother of three children who were in foster care, sought the help of a legal-aid attorney to seek a divorce and get her children back. Cano was not seeking an abortion, but her attorney filed an affidavit in Cano's name, stating she had applied for an abortion, had been turned down and had therefore sued the state of Georgia. Her attorney deceived Cano, who was against abortion. The outcome was a decision by the Supreme Court in Doe v. Bolton, made separately but on the same day as Roe v. Wade, making abortion on demand legal for any reason.

Bernard Nathanson, a physician who helped found the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (now NARAL Pro-Choice America), performed 5,000 abortions and supervised 60,000 more. But when making a video of an actual abortion, Nathanson became a pro-life advocate. Later he became a Christian.

He recently explained how he and others deceived the American public in their zeal to make abortion acceptable.

"We persuaded the media that the cause of permissive abortion was a liberal, enlightened, sophisticated one," Nathanson told WorldNet Daily in an article published Dec. 20. "Knowing that if a true poll were taken, we would be soundly defeated, we simply fabricated the results of fictional polls. We announced to the media that we had taken polls and that 60 percent of Americans were in favor of permissive abortion ... We aroused enough sympathy to sell our program of permissive abortion by fabricating the number of illegal abortions done annually in the U.S. The actual figure was approaching 100,000, but the figure we gave to the media repeatedly was one million.

"Repeating the big lie often enough convinces the public. The number of women dying from illegal abortions was around 200 to 250 annually. The figure we constantly fed to the media was 10,000. These false figures took root in the consciousness of Americans, convincing many that we needed to crack the abortion law."

Lies should not prevail in a "nation under God." So, the Texas Justice Foundation is assisting McCorvey and Cano prepare motions for the Supreme Court, stating that they know things now they didn't know before and asking the court to overturn its previous decisions. Some of the things they know now include the fact that post-abortion stress affects millions of women and that research has identified a link between abortion and breast cancer. The ACLU and NARAL Pro-Choice America will, no doubt, try to block this effort.

The Texas Justice Foundation needs help. It is asking post-abortive women to be "Silent No More," by submitting a legal affidavit consisting of nine questions about their abortion experience.

The information -- not names, unless permission is granted -- from the affidavits will be used to help McCorvey and Cano before the Supreme Court. Please contact me if you wish to be part of Operation Outcry. Join the many women who are finding the courage to speak out -- to be "Silent No More."

Others who wish to be part of the process are asked to list their names as friends of the court in these cases. By signing you will express your agreement with the statement: "It is not in the human or legal interest of any mother to kill her own child. Roe v. Wade should be overturned."

Let's not let another year of abortion-on-demand take the lives of nearly 4,000 unborn babies a day. Join me in standing up for the rights of the unborn.

In doing so, I ask you to help the mothers faced with an unplanned pregnancy to learn to love their babies and to choose life for them with the help of a crisis pregnancy center. Help your local crisis pregnancy center gird these mothers for the difficult times ahead as they choose to raise their babies or select adoptive families.

We can't take away abortion without agreeing to be part of the life-giving alternative.

Penny Lucas

Director, Steamboat Springs Pregnancy Resource Center


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