Sound Off for Dec. 28, 2003


Poor sportsmanship?

I couldn't believe the person whining about the Yule Log being found early again, which "took the fun out of it" for the writer. Excuse the pun, but "get a clue." Poor sportsmanship may be what's taking the fun out of it. The Farrell family seems to have embraced this Steamboat tradition; the tasteful thing would have been to congratulate them. Do you suggest that the museum sponsor a hunt where no one's allowed to find the treasure until you've read the final clues? Get with the spirit of the season instead of decking the halls with boos and hoos. Get out there and participate or "Yule" regret it.

Officers should obey the law

In response to the "Marijuana not returned" story (Dec. 24), this just shows the spite that our law enforcement has toward the sick.

Law enforcement agencies don't make laws, they enforce them, and in Colorado, medical marijuana is the law. Law enforcement agencies are supposed to be here to help us, not hurt us. Who is helping Mr. Nord by depriving and stealing his medicine?

Our law enforcement should obey the law and the judge and return the medical marijuana.


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